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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Aestermill Diaries #2

A Serious Problem:

                            Remember a few blogs ago when I was worried about ghost mice? Now I think I 
have a problem... Not real mice... I have found two dead (but with no blood or 
lacerations which make me think my dogs scared them to death... or something 
else did...). We may have a ghost in our house. 
 I kept telling myself all those scary movie nights that all the sounds I heard 
were either the dogs, a ghost mouse, or the house settling. But not two days ago 
the kitchen window was open when I woke up. Damien's son was with me, and I 
looked at him, and he looked at me, and we both realized, even with the step 
stool, we couldn't have opened that heavy ass thing. So we waited until Damien 
was awake and asked him. He informed us that it is freezing outside (as if we 
didn't know) and there is no way in heck he would've opened it on such a cold, 
cold morning. 
 And I wish I could say that this was the first time I have had an 
apparition-esque presence around me lately, but not three weeks ago, we were 
closing at work, and I made them leave the store open for ten minutes because I 
swore up and down a customer had walked by me as they were locking up. We 
searched high and low, even back places in case one wanted to hide, but no one 
was there. They wouldn't let me see the cameras, but I'm sure I was seeing a 
ghost, as I have been claiming the store was haunted since my eighth week there. 
(Yet, I am not allowed to do a seance after hours). 
 I am not opposed to seance's, but doing one where I live? That freaks me out. 
What if something that wasn't there previously stays? Or what if it is just a 
jokester until I contact it? I've seen Paranormal Witness. I know nothing good 
happens. I'm totally good with conjuring up dead things... as long as it's away 
from where I sleep. And Lord knows as it is now I haven't slept with the closet 
open in years (unless I'm drunk and we don't have the closet mirror with the red 
star.... <secret land reference>) 
 But now I am at a loss. I mean, when I am alone, I often talk, mostly to the 
dogs. And I sing. I sing a lot. But suppose something wants to make contact with 
me? I've always been open to the idea. I've ghost hunted. I've done Ouiji 
boards. Mostly while drunk, but always while not in the place I reside. 
 Either I am going to make friends with it, or it's going to freak me the hell 
out. OR OMG what if it's a total Amnityville Horror situation and it tries to 
tell Damien to kill me and the dogs?!?!?! 
 Now I don't know what to do, but to pretend that I don't notice it for now. And 
hope to God it can't read blog posts. Otherwise we may have a long, hard road 
ahead of us. Unless the off chance it's an Aestermill troll..... 

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