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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Aestermill Diaries #1

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Mouse Today: Gone Tomorrow 
Yesterday began like any other. I woke up somewhere in the vicinity of 
still-drunk and crusty-boogers. I drank a bottle of water like my life depended 
on it, and got ready to take my sobering shower and eat. That's when I saw it. 
The mouse, my new friend, dead on the floor. The victim of one of my dogs' 
terrible Saw-esque games. The mouse that I had not yet named. The mouse that had 
known no love nor affection, only survival. I sat and talked to it's carcass for 
awhile, and apologized for not naming it yet, I thought I had more time. But 
alas, we never have as much time as we think. 
 I think one of the things that really got to me about it is The Great Mouse 
Discrepancy. See, for Christmas my Dad got me a little video camera/regular 
camera that matches his, and we make videos for each other, and once a week we 
play them on their TV. A few months back we made it a little more interesting. 
We decided to compete for a "New Animal" weekly award. Now we actively seek out 
animals that neither of us have previously taken video of, and we even have a 
small white board that we put the new "reigning animal" on, complete with a 
drawn picture and the date (thus killing any of my accusations that I may have 
been adopted, only my family would agree on this ritual). Of course, not every 
week we can get video of a new animal, so the night I first saw that sweet 
little mouse, I pounced on the opportunity. Unfortunately, the video I got was 
of it sitting behind the shelf for only a couple seconds until it darted off, 
and the lighting wasn't great, and for the first time in the history of the New 
Animal game, it was Challenged. My Father said he could not swear in a court of 
law that it was a mouse. My Mother agreed with me, but I decided that due to his 
challenge, no picture would be drawn of the mouse, only the words "The Great 
Mouse Discrepancy". I never thought that my time with it would be so short that 
I would not get to make my father eat crow. (I'm neither confirming nor denying 
there is a 32 second "I told you so" video of it's dead body). 
 I am doing okay, sort of going through the motions, trying to keep myself busy 
feeding squirrels Honey Bunches of Oats. I think that I enjoy life a little more 
now, knowing that at any minute there could be a Chihuahua and Terrier duo 
waiting just around the corner for me. So as I try to think on my favorite 
moments in the brief time I had with my little mouse friend (like the time he 
was behind the refrigerator, and the time  he was behind the shelf, and that one 
time he was under the table), I know that he will be greatly missed. And now I 
REALLY need to get video of that possum that hangs around outside. 

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